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We have personally met, photographed, interviewed, analyzed,
and checked the documents of each woman.


Russian Pearls Client Testimonials

"Before I knew it, I was in their office in Russia meeting the woman of my dreams and having the time of my life... Everything has worked out spectacularly and I am so grateful to have met Nadejda through Russian Pearls. I can't imagine what life would be like today if I hadn't."

- Ed & Nadejda

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What's Our Secret?

We spend a lot of time getting to know each woman personally.
We will also get to know you. This gives you the best possible matches, plus a scam free environment. Our 10+ years experience in match making and background in psychology doesn't hurt either.

Why Choose Us?

  • Get expert assistance at finding the woman you want, including match making services.
  • Effective, reasonably priced membership plans that are proven to provide you with the tools for success.
  • We are in Barnaul, Russia, a modern Siberian city of 600,000. Barnaul is not a tourist attraction frequently visited by foreigners. Here you can meet real Russian women!
  • Travel services are available to help you get here safely, comfortably and have the time of your life.
  • Communication services, including translators, are available to help you communicate via phone, video conference, and email.
  • Once you find the right woman, we can help with all the paperwork needed to bring her home.
  • Get prompt, thorough responses from our customer service department within one business day or faster. Contact our communication services manager Oksana Lomovtseva at 7-3852-47-23-65 or use the contact page for assistance.

What Do Clients Say About Our Membership?

John and Dina's Testimonial John & Dina

You found me a Russian wife who just happens to be the prettiest, best-educated Russian girl

Dwight and Svetlana's Testimonial Dwight & Svetlana

The entire process became trouble-free because of your expertise and knowledge of the system, and especially because you care

Olga and John's Testimonial Olga & John

To any man who finds his 'other half' in Barnaul, he will never regret going so far to find her.

Jay and Irina's Testimonial Jay & Irina

One of the things that you hear about from other travellers is the beauty of Russian women. By in large, it is true. But there is beauty both inside and outside, and with my "Irinochka" I found both!!!

Mark and Luba's Testimonial Mark & Luba

There is nothing that I would change. You made by first trip to visit so easy and worry free by taking care of virtually everything

Michel and Tatiana's Testimonial Michel & Tatiana

I never believed that love at first sight existed, but now I do. Now I am absolutely happy!

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About our Membership Plans

We have two membership plans:

Membership Plan #1: The Meetings Without Correspondence Plan includes the best part of our services: We introduce you to beautiful Russian women and you get expert advice & match making services.

Membership Plan #2: The more comprehensive Membership Plan includes everything just mentioned, plus services to communicate with women before you arrive in Barnaul, additional travel services and more.

We can help you choose the right plan. Please contact us with any questions.

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Russian Pearls Anti Scam Info

For your protection, please notify us regarding ANY money request from a woman for any purpose. If a woman sends you a letter with a request for money please let us know immediately.

About Our Location

We are in Beautiful Barnaul, Siberia Russia

Barnaul is located on Ob River in western Siberia and is the closest major city to the Altai Mountains. The climate includes hot summers and very cold winters. It is a small city with a population of about 700,000. Barnaul is not an international tourist attraction and here you will see the real life and culture of Russian people. Many of the women in Barnaul have "old fashioned" values and put family and home above all else.

We can help you discover the best places in Barnaul to bring a woman. The downtown area has everything you would expect in a modern city. Places to go include clubs, restaurants, theatres, etc. There are plenty of romantic getaways available in and around Barnaul and we can help arrange these for you. From antique cabins in the picturesque Barnaul forest to modern hotels/spas in the down town area, there is a great selection of places to spend time with a woman.

Photos of Barnaul, Siberia Russia
Click an image below to enlarge.

Barnaul Central Hotel Barnaul Christmas tree Barnaul city hall Barnaul flower square Barnaul river port Barnaul Romantic alley Barnaul Russian restaurant Barnaul sun clocks Barnaul Village Square

View more information about Barnaul Russia.

About Traveling to Our Office in Barnaul, Russia

To get to Barnaul, take a flight to Moscow, St. Petersburg or other Russian Airport with an international terminal. The one you choose depends on your country of origin. We will help you find the best route. Next, take a domestic flight to the Barnaul airport. Once you arrive at the Barnaul airport, we can pick you up and bring you your hotel. Soon after this, you will begin meeting beautiful Russian women!

We can help arrange a safe, comfortable trip to Barnaul:

  • Choose the right plane tickets and hotel accommodations
  • Assistance with documents, such as Russian visas and registration
  • Transportation from the Barnaul Airport to your hotel and back
  • Planning activities in and around Barnaul

See our travel services page for more information.

Message from the Agency Director

You are tired of loneliness and it is time to think about having a family? You have made the right choice to become a member of our Agency, you will feel our care and eagerness to help you in this not so easy search. You can ask any questions you may have about Russian girls for marriage to be able to make this decision which will change all your life, but these changes are for better. We have thousands of women who dream about simple human happiness such as family, children and loving husband. And it has been always like that and we are not trying to discover the truth, we just help people to find each other in this huge world.

Russian Marriage Agency - Director Tatiana

Get expert advice on finding and marrying the woman of your dreams from the marriage agency director Tatiana Krasnova

All women of our Agency are real, they all are different, but they all have one goal – to be happy and find a man who will be her second half. You will have a chance to get acquainted with absolutely different ladies from 18 to 55 years old. Some of them are calm and steady, some are cheerful and open, sexy and spontaneous, with children and without children, successful and self-confident, lawyers, doctors, business women, artists, teachers, but each of them could follow her man and leave everything in Russia if she meets that man who will love and understand her.

Only a Russian woman is ready for such sacrifice for the sake of her man and if you are ready to meet a true Russian woman and can appreciate her inside world, then I want to assure that you will be a happy man. Russian women have kept those basic values of family happiness which are eternal. Husband, family, children, love, respect, understanding and care are the most important things for a Russian woman which makes the foundation for family relations.

Our Agency has helped more than 650 couples to find each other, and perhaps in scale of the Universe it is not so many, but for each couple it is the story of their life. And now these are happy families which combine Russian and European or Western cultures. They have children who speak two languages and inherit only the best things from both cultures since their childhood. We keep warm and friendly relations with all our couples and many of them come to Barnaul to meet with their wife’s family and we meet with great pleasure and see changes in our couples’ life. We receive hundreds of letters from all over the world from our clients and most of them are our good friends already and we know that some of them have a new house, some have a baby, and some couples have even two or three couples. And each time we want to tell them: Thank you for your trust and sincerity!

Sincerely Yours,

Tatiana Krasnova
Agency Director
Russian Pearls

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This video is approximately 8 minutes long and gives a general overview of our process.

How to Get Started

  1. Browse womens' profiles to find the women you are interested in. You have the option to write one free letter to any woman. We provide a free, professional translation service for your first letter to and from the woman of your choice. Browse Womens' Profiles
  2. Choose a membership option and you can immediately start using our services. We will send you a welcome packet including our membership agreement. View Membership Options

Want to know what happens next? Read more about our process.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us.

We wish you good luck on the journey to find your soul mate!

The Russian Pearls Marriage Agency was established in 1999.
The number of the registration license is 304222508500062.
The address of the Agency is 656057, Barnaul, Entuziastov str, bld. 10, office 204
Telephone number 7- 3852-477-800

Russian Girl Lilya


I wish for every our new day to be happier and more joyful! I want to meet a self-confident, successful and ambitious man who misses in his life a small and caring fairy. Hope to meet you soon, my dear!

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